Loan Situation in the USA

US credit analysts portal conducted a survey among its visitors, during which found that ten percent of US citizens do not expect to pay on loans up to his own death. Most are not sure about your financial situation citizens aged 65 years and older. In this group of respondents plan to take to the grave debt of more than 30 percent.

Citizens aged 18 to 29 years old are not sure that they can return the borrowed funds to the bank. But their numbers are much smaller - only five or six percent.

Interestingly, the level of income does not affect the solvency of Americans. Analysts surveyed were divided into several groups according to the level of income. It turned out that in each of them the share of those who do not pay the loan ranges from 12 to 14 percent. This is typical of even those who clearly not poor, receiving more than 75 thousand dollars a year.

However, US citizens are not worried about it. After all, in the country, in most cases the debtor's relatives after his death are not required to repay the loan. However, experts recommend to get rid of all debts before retiring.

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One of the major mistakes of borrowers is that they even after retirement are forced to pay the mortgage. This testifies to the mistakes made by the Americans in the process of financial planning for long-term perspective.

Also, experts are concerned that Americans do not savings. Approximately 60 percent of US citizens who have overcome the 55-year milestone, a pension account, which is less than the sum of one hundred thousand dollars. In this group, one in four pensioners could postpone retirement just thousands of dollars or even less.

It should be noted that in Russia the situation is not much better. According to the latest information, in November arrears for November of this year rose to its highest level in the past four years.

Over the last two years in arrears clients of Russian banks exceeded 880 billion rubles.

Along with growing debt and the amount of loans. Since the beginning of this year the volume of loans to individuals grew by 14.6 percent and now stands at more than 10 928 billion rubles.

Currently, banks are still not willing to lend to the population, which was reflected in the November volumes. In November the amount of loans increased by only 0.9 percent, which is 96.6 billion rubles. Almost the same figures were recorded in January this year.

Leaders began to delay consumer loans, which are issued in retail outlets and on credit cards, as well as non-target loans. Their share is 78 percent.